SWING2 Datasets Mirror

SWING2 data mirror. Please see individual directories for specific issues with any model. 
CAM2Dir2016-04-25 23:27:40
CAM3-paleoDir2016-04-25 23:27:40
GISS-ModelEDir2016-04-25 23:27:40
GenesisDir2016-04-25 23:27:40
HadAM3Dir2016-04-25 23:27:40
HadCM3Dir2016-04-25 23:27:40
LMDZ4Dir2016-04-25 23:27:40
MIROC32Dir2016-04-25 23:27:40
isoGSMDir2016-04-25 23:27:40
isoGSMnewDir2016-04-25 23:27:40
readme.txt91 B2016-04-26 13:34:10

Note: If you use a command-line tool (e.g., Wget) to download datasets from this directory, please be sure to use a recent version that uses the HTTP/1.1 protocol.

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