Global Seawater Oxygen-18 Database

What's New

Please note that a fully updated Version 2.0 is being prepared for fall 2017.

V1.22 (17/Jul/2017):

  • Correction of longitudes in Cox et al East Greenland Current data.
  • Correction of months in VEINS data from Meredith et al.

V1.21 (13/Jun/2011):

  • Correction of some Norwegian Sea data

V1.20 (5/Mar/2011):

  • Addition of Indian Ocean data (Singh et al. DSR, 2010)
  • East Greenland Current data (Cox et al., 2010)
  • Arctic data from Abrahamsen et al (2009)

V1.19a (2/Jul/2010):

  • Addition of time series data from Palau and Saipan (Grottoli et al, 2010)
  • Correction of Delaygue et al (2001) reference

V1.19 (16/Sep/2009):

  • Addition of SW Indian Ocean data (Pierre/Lo Monaco) (via CDOHC) MD-OISO-1 and 2 (1998)
  • Addition of nr. Svalbard data (Dokken/Osterhus) (via CDOHC) (2000)
  • Addition of Chukchi/Bering Sea data (Cooper et al, 2005)

V1.18a (2/Jun/2009):

  • Addition of Sutherland et al (2009) data off SE. Greenland

V1.18 (1/Jun/2009):

  • Addition of Polyak and Ortiz (2009, pers. communication) data in the Chukchi Sea
  • Addition of Srivastava et al (2007) data in the Indian Ocean

V1.17 (5/May/2007):

  • Minor correction and re-attribution to Schmidt et al 1997/Anders 1997 North Atlantic data.

Gridded data set V1.1 (23/Jan/2007): An updated version of a global gridded data set of seawater 18O is now available. Updates include :

  • Database updates V1.14, V1.15, and V1.16
  • North Atlantic correction of high seawater 18O bias in high salinity areas.

V1.16 (27/Dec/2006):

  • Equatorial Pacific data from ALIZE 2 cruise (Laube-L'Enfant, 1996) via Gilles Reverdin, LOCEAN
  • Southern Ocean transect (30E) from CIVA2 (No published reference, accessed from NODC WOCE data)
  • Mertz Polynya (Antartica) (Jacobs et al, 2005)
  • Miscellaneous coastal data (Holland, Kenya, Puget Sound, North Carolina) (Gillikan (2005), Gillikan et al (2005), Gillikan (pers. comm,).

Gridded data set (21/Nov/2005): A preliminary version of a global gridded data set of seawater 18O is now available.

V1.15 (20/Feb/2006):

  • Some corrections to Frank (1996) - dates and locations from PM94 cruise (see also Mueller-Loop et al (2005)).

V1.14 (26/Sep/2005): New data from:

  • Bauch et al (2002, 2005) - data from the Kara Sea
  • Some additions and corrections to some miscellaneous Arctic data (Thanks to Dorothea Bauch).
  • Some updates/corrections to the references

V1.13 (22/Feb/2005): New data from:

  • Morimoto et al (2002) - time series from Palau (Pacific Ocean)
  • Benway and Mix (2004) - Eastern tropical Pacific profiles
  • Karr and Showers (2002) - Amazon outflow
  • Taylor (2004) - offshore Kodiak Island, Alaska
  • Also minor cross-referencing fixes on some early Craig and Gordon (1965) data - thanks to Ricardo Locarini (NCDC), and some improved flagging of anomalous values.

V1.12 (19/Feb/2004): Some comparative analysis of different datasets has lead to a number of corrections in:

  • Pierre et al (1994) - a couple of typos fixed and a small calibration to GEOSECS NADW.
  • North Atlantic data from Tan and Strain was calibrated more closely to GEOSECS using NADW as a target water mass.
  • Risebrobakken et al (2003) - depths were wrong in some profiles, some anomalous data is now flagged.
  • Schmidt et al (1997) - a couple of typos fixed.

V1.11 (15/Sep/2003): New data from:

  • Norwegian Seas (Risebrobakken et al., 2003)

V1.10 (13/Aug/2003): New data from:

  • Barents Sea (Polyak et al., 2003)
  • Older Russian data from Barents/Kara Seas (Ferronskii et al., 1978; Brezgunov et al., 1983)
  • A few surface Arctic deuterium values from Friedman et al. (1958)

V1.9 (12/Dec/2002): New data from:

  • Laptev Sea (Mueller-Lupp et al., 2003)
  • Caribbean Sea (Stefan Mulitza, pers. communication)

V1.8 (17/Jul/2002): New data from:

  • Norwegian Sea + fjords (Mikalsen and Sejrup, 2000)
  • More profiles, Sea of Okhotsk + NW Pacific (Yamamoto et al 2002)

V1.7 (3/Jun/2002): Small corrections to Itou data. New data from:

  • Surface water samples, Coastal Peru (Andrus et al 2002)
  • Multiple profiles, Sea of Okhotsk + NW Pacific (Yamamoto et al 2001)

V1.6 (6/Dec/2001): Corrections to a reference for some North Atlantic data (CONVEX data, Frew et al 2000). Some St. Lawrence river data from Tan and Strain (1988) now correctly marked as such. Minor additions and corrections to data from Californian basin and Gulf of Mexico from Grossman 1984 (now including data reported in Grossman and Ku (1986)). New data from:

  • Fram Strait (Meredith et al 2001)
  • East Greenland (Kohfeld et al 1996)
  • Selected data from the Gulf of Mexico (Yobbi, 1984; Surge and Lohmann, 2002 (in press))
  • North West Pacific (data kindly contributed by Masashi Itou (JAMSTEC)
  • US East Coast (Khim and Krantz, 1996)

V1.5 (1/Jun/2001): New data for the Arctic (Ekwurzel et al, 2001, Frank 1996, Melling, 1995), and for the Southern Oceans (Jacobs et al 1996, Mackensen 2001). A recent timeseries from near Puerto Rico is also included (Watanabe et al, 2001).

V1.4 (27/Feb/2001): This was a minor upgrade. All references have been checked and if necessary, corrected. All references are now in the reference list. Some old data from Horibe and Ogura (1968) was included. Some confusion with data from Grebmeier et al (1990) was cleared up.

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