Forcings in GISS Climate Model

Land Use/Land Cover

Conversion of Natural Vegetation to Cropland and Pasture

The dominant mode of land-cover change over the last millennium is the replacement of natural vegetation with crops and pasture, and occasionally vice versa. We have used a number of estimates of these changes from Pongratz et al. (2008), Kaplan et al. (2010) and the HYDE3.1 database (Klein Goldewijk et al., 2011), which can be downloaded from:

Prior to CMIP5, we used data from Ramankutty and Foley (1999).


The use of transient irrigation estimates as a climate forcing in the GISS GCM was pioneered by Puma and Cook (2010) and Cook et al (2015).

Irrigation changes over the 20th Century

The gridded monthly data for irrigation (mm/day) from 1848 to 2002 are available here (netCDF).


Please address inquiries about these data to Dr. Benjamin Cook.


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