ModelE Climate Simulations

Simulated Greenland Surface Mass Balance in the GISS ModelE2 GCM

This directory contains a data supplement to the journal article "Simulated Greenland surface mass balance in the GISS ModelE2 GCM: Importance of the ice sheet surface" by Alexander et al. (2019).

Files contain global diagnostics for the ModelE2 simulations discussed in the study, as well as selected average diagnostics for the Greenland ice sheet.

The simulations are designed to evaluate the ModelE2 simulation of Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance, and evaluate the impact of adding an elevation class scheme, changing surface albedo and surface roughness length, and nudging ModelE2 winds on the simulated Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance.

We also provide selected outputs from the MAR v3.9 regional climate model used to evaluate the impact of changing model simulation on simulated SMB.

ModelE2 File format: and TT.YY-YY.simName.ts.csv

In the file names:

  • TTT = ANN for annual average, or JJA for June-July-August Average
  • YY-YY = simulation year range. For a free-running atmosphere, years refer to the simulation year, while for a nudged simulation, years correspond to the calendar year.
  • simName = simulation name.
  • "subset" indicates that only ModelE2 diagnostics relevant to this particular study have been provided.

.nc files contain average gridded global diagnostics for the selected year range.

.ts.csv files contain average timeseries of diagnostics for the Greenland ice sheet over the selected year range.

ModelE2 simulation outputs: (more details are provided in the manuscript)

  • E2-control: control present-day simulation with ModelE2 (1996-2005) fixed ocean conditions, and free-running atmosphere.
  • E2-2EC: same as E2-control, with 2 elevation classes active.
  • E2-20EC: same as E2-control, with 20 elevation classes active.
  • E2-alb-f-age: same as E2-20EC, with albedo varying as a function of snow age.
  • E2-alb-sat: same as E2-20EC, using MODIS albedo during JJA.
  • E2-fixed-alb-NN: same as E2-20EC, using fixed albedo of 0.NN (e.g. 40 → 0.40)
  • E2-fixed-alb-NN-ec: select outputs per elevation class for E2-fixed-alb-NN simulations.
  • E2-z0-adj: same as E2-20EC, changing the surface roughness length parameterization.
  • E2-z0-adj-ice0100: same as E2-z0-adj, with ice roughness length set to 0.01 m.
  • E2-z0-adj-ice0035: same as E2-z0-adj, with ice roughness length set to 0.0035 m.
  • E2-Nudge: same as E2-control, but winds are nudged to match the MERRA-2 reanalysis.
  • E2-lapse06: same as E2-20EC, with lapse rate of 6 K/km for elevation classes.
  • E2-lapse10: same as E2-20EC, with lapse rate of 10 K/km for elevation classes.

Further file information is available in the README

Download Data

ANN.0002-0011.E2-20EC.nc19 MB2018-05-10
ANN.0002-0011.E2-20EC.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-2EC.nc19 MB2018-05-10
ANN.0002-0011.E2-2EC.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-alb-f-age.nc19 MB2018-05-10
ANN.0002-0011.E2-alb-f-age.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-alb-sat.nc19 MB2018-05-13
ANN.0002-0011.E2-alb-sat.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-control.nc19 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-control.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-1EC.ts.csv702 B2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-20EC.ts.csv698 B2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-2EC.ts.csv694 B2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-40-ec.nc13 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-40.nc19 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-50-ec.nc13 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-50.nc19 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-60-ec.nc13 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-60.nc19 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-70-ec.nc13 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-70.nc19 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-80-ec.nc13 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-fixed-alb-80.nc19 MB2018-05-15
ANN.0002-0011.E2-lapse06.nc19 MB2018-10-22
ANN.0002-0011.E2-lapse06.ts.csv859 B2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-lapse10.nc19 MB2018-10-22
ANN.0002-0011.E2-lapse10.ts.csv859 B2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-z0-adj-ice0035.nc19 MB2018-10-22
ANN.0002-0011.E2-z0-adj-ice0035.ts.csv860 B2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-z0-adj-ice0100.nc19 MB2018-10-22
ANN.0002-0011.E2-z0-adj-ice0100.ts.csv860 B2018-11-09
ANN.0002-0011.E2-z0-adj.nc19 MB2018-05-13
ANN.0002-0011.E2-z0-adj.ts.csv859 B2018-11-09
ANN.1996-2005.E2-Nudge.nc19 MB2018-05-16
ANN.1996-2005.E2-Nudge.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
ANN.1996-2005.MAR-25km-mask50.ts.csv859 B2018-11-09
ANN.1996-2005.MAR-25km.ts.csv859 B2018-11-09
ANN.1996-2005.MAR-50km.ts.csv859 B2018-11-09
ANN.1996-2005.MAR-75km.ts.csv862 B2018-11-09
JJA.0002-0011.E2-20EC.nc19 MB2018-05-15
JJA.0002-0011.E2-20EC.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
JJA.0002-0011.E2-2EC.nc19 MB2018-05-15
JJA.0002-0011.E2-2EC.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
JJA.0002-0011.E2-alb-f-age.nc19 MB2018-05-14
JJA.0002-0011.E2-alb-f-age.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
JJA.0002-0011.E2-alb-sat.nc19 MB2018-05-13
JJA.0002-0011.E2-alb-sat.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
JJA.0002-0011.E2-control.nc19 MB2018-05-15
JJA.0002-0011.E2-control.ts.csv1 kB2018-11-09
README.txt5 kB2018-11-09
marAvgMARGRD_SMB_mask50_3.9_25km_1996-2005.nc169 kB2018-10-20
marAvgMARGRD_SMB_mask50_3.9_50km_1996-2005.nc53 kB2018-10-20
marAvgMARGRD_SMB_mask50_3.9_75km_1996-2005.nc41 kB2018-10-20
top_index_144x90_a.ij.ext.nc102 kB2018-03-29

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Alexander, P.M., A.N. LeGrande, E. Fischer, M. Tedesco, X. Fettweis, M. Kelley, S.M.J. Nowicki, and G.A. Schmidt, 2019: Simulated Greenland surface mass balance in the GISS ModelE2 GCM: Role of the ice sheet surface. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf., 123, no. 3, 750-765, doi:10.1029/2018JF004772.


Please address questions about these datasets to Dr. Patrick Alexander.