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ModelE Climate Simulations

20th Century Transient Simulations with Beryllium-10: Zonal Mans vs. Time

Note: Depending on your input choices, plots may take 5-10 seconds to generate. Please be patient.

Input Elements

  • Run A: pick only lines that start with '*' (ptv means prescribed time varying)
  • Run B: Unless "none" is chosen, the difference map "Run A - Run B" is shown, where Run B is the long-term linear trend of the control run (obtained by using linear regression separately for each month of the year).
  • Quantity: choose from available diagnostics
  • Mean period: time series of n-month running mean anomalies are displayed; enter n
  • Time interval: years which are displayed (pick round numbers since they are automatically extended to a multiple of a decade)
  • Base period: time interval to which anomalies are relative

    New:If "Base period: Begin"=0, then (Ensemble) Means rather than Anomalies are displayed.

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