Climate Impacts Data

Assessing the Evolving Fragility of the Global Food System

This page provides access to a number of datasets related to the journal article "Assessing the evolving fragility of the global food system", by Michael Puma et al. (2015), published in Environ. Res. Lett..

Following is a listing of the individual datasets. Files with an "xls" or "xlsx" extension require spreadsheet software that understands the Microsoft Excel format.

All of the files are available as a single download in a ZIP archive (7.5 MB).

The individual datasets are:

  1. Cereals_CommodityBalance_1986_2009_tonnes.txt: Food supply balance for cereals excluding beer (downloaded from FAOSTAT, 2013-07-21).
  2. commodity_cropequivalency.xls: Conversion factors for crop equivalence computations for wheat and rice.
  3. commoditylist_Rice.xls: List of rice commodities included.
  4. commoditylist_Wheat.xls: List of wheat commodities included.
  5. FAO_BilateralTrade_1986_2009: Bilateral trade data (downloaded from FAOSTAT, 2012-06-12) for wheat and rice commodities over the period 1986 to 2009.
  6. country_code_CONVERTv2.xls: Contains the country codes used by various institutions.
  7. countrylist_annex1.xls: List of Annex I Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  8. countrylist_leastDCnoDjibouti.xls: List of least developed countries (excluding Djibouti).
  9. countrylist_partialv2.xls: List of countries used to query the FAOSTAT database.
  10. Exports_WheatRice_2004_2008.xlsx: Total Wheat+Flour and total milled rice export quantities for the period 2004 to 2008 (downloaded from FAOSTAT and ranking.
  11. GDPbycountryyear_USD2005.xls: Gross domestic product for 1970 to 2009 in 2005 US dollars from the United Nations National Accounts Main Aggregates Database.
  12. global_disruptionv2.xls: List of countries impacted by various disruption events, including the “Year without a Summer” of 1816 and the Great Drought of 1876 to 1878.
  13. SSR_Countries.xlsx: Self sufficiency ratio computed as described in the journal article.
  14. Wheat_CommodityBalance_1986_2009_tonnes.txt: Commodity balance for wheat (FAO code 2511) from 1986 to 2009 (downloaded from FAOSTAT, 2013-07-19).
  15. Rice_CommodityBalance_1986_2009_tonnes.txt: Commodity balance for rice (FAO code 2804) from 1986 to 2009 (downloaded from FAOSTAT, 2013-07-19).

FAOSTAT refers to the Statistics Division of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.


Puma, M., S. Bose, S.Y. Chon, and B. Cook, 2015: Assessing the evolving fragility of the global food system. Environ. Res. Lett., 10, no. 2, 024007, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/10/2/024007.


Please address all queries about these datasets to Dr. Michael Puma.