GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (v4)

Plots of Zonal Means: Time Series or Seasonal Cycle

The following form allows you to make plots of either "time series of zonal means" or "seasonal cycle of zonal means".

Note: Depending on your input choices, plots may take 5-10 seconds to generate. Please be patient.

Plot Type:
Time Interval:
Base Period:

Input Elements

  • Mean period: time series of n-month running mean anomalies are displayed; enter n
  • Time interval: years which are displayed (pick round numbers since they are automatically extended to a multiple of a decade)
  • Base period: time interval to which anomalies are relative

Input Sources

  • Data Sources: Surface Air Temperatures
    • None: NO land temperature data are used
    • GISS analysis (updated each month) (Hansen et al. 2010 and Updates to Analysis)
    • AIRS (Atmospheric Infra-Red Sounder flying on AQUA satellite) surface skin temperature (Susskind et al. 2019). Please choose a base period starting after 2002, since data became available starting in 9/2002. For the "Seasonal Cycle" option please restrict "Time Interval" and "Base Period" to subintervals of 2003-last available complete year.
  • Data Sources: Sea Surface Temperatures
    • None: NO ocean temperature data are used
    • ERSST_v5: NOAA/NCEI's Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST) v. 5
    • Hadl/Reyn_v2: SST 1880-present -- 1880-11/1981: Hadley HadISST1, ship and buoy data (Rayner 2000); 12/1981-present: OISST v. 2, satellite data (Reynolds-Rayner-Smith 2001)

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