GISS Surface Temperature Analysis


Source code and documentation for the GISTEMP software is available on this site. The programs are intended for installation and use on a computer with a Unix-like operating system.

This archive is approximately 80 KB. Updates to the code and to the archive are noted, when they occur, in the updates to analysis.

Once you have gunzipped and de-tarred the archive, you will have a directory containing a text version of the documentation in the sub-directory doc; it also contains a file that explains how to build and run the analysis.

The software will download the necessary input files and put them in the appropriate place. However, it is possible that you may encounter a download error if your Python and/or OpenSSL installations do not sufficiently support HTTPS. If so, you may download input.tar.gz and place its files into the directory

  • gistemp4.0/tmp/input

We also make available the night light satellite data (about 42.4 MB) we obtained from Marc L. Imhoff and that we used to determine the brightness index for the various weather stations.

The last text file lists the data that are not used, mostly the beginning of a station record that seems inconsistent with the later data. In a few cases the whole record is disregarded.

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