GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (v4)

Analysis Graphs and Plots

This page is updated each month by an automatic procedure. Additional figures based on the GISTEMP analysis which require manual effort to create are available from Columbia University web pages maintained by Dr. Makiko Sato; see Dr. Sato's Temperature site.


  • Click on the section titles below to hide or expose the respective graphs.
  • At the bottom left corner of every graph are 3 icons to “reset”, “move”, and “zoom” the image.
  • Hovering over a data point will display the year and data value.

The annual mean graphs are paired with a lowess smooth, i.e. a non-parametric regression analysis that relies on a k-nearest-neighbor model. In order to evaluate the function, we use a fraction of data corresponding to a ten year window of data, giving an effective smoothing of approximately five years.

For the option to select the strength of the smoothing as well as the base period and for seeing additional graphs please go to the Custom Plotter site.

GISTEMP Seasonal Cycle since 1880